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It is a Representatives role to represent what the majority in the electorate want. Dickson Reps do not have policy positions the way that a party does. We have our own personal position on policies and are entitled to vote on each policy as a voter. However, in the end it is what the majority want that the Federal  Member for Dickson is morally required to represent in parliament.

It is similar to a barrister who may think that their client is totally guilty and should go to jail. But it is their job to stand up in court and argue that their client is innocent and to present the available evidence in a way that benefits their client.

So if the majority in the electorate think, for example, that the sky should be orange and I as the representative think that it should be purple then I can argue with the voters why I think it should be purple. But in the end if they want it to be orange then it is the representatives job to argue that position in parliament. And when it comes time to vote then to vote for what the majority want.

Whilst many believe that this is not realistic or practical I say that is. The internet application VoteWrap now makes this possible. And even more importantly we plan to develop grassroots policy networks at a community level to engage the majority of voters in the consensus building process either by their direct involvement or via them passing their proxy vote to a policy representative that is engaged in that policy. So using VoteWrap with the community policy networks and holding regular entertaining Policy Party Nights we will be able to determine effectively and efficiently what the majority of voters really want on each and every policy.

See DR Structure.pdf for the detail Policy / Representation network .

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