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Dickson Voters Policy Positions

Policy is where the real Politics happens. Where you argue passionately for what you want and against what you don't want! And in the end, after due consideration and analysis, the majority will decide what they want.

Policies vary in importance & urgency. The more important a policy is then more people should have to agree. And the less urgent a policy is then the more time there is to reach a greater consensus.

Once the voters reach a policy consensus it is the role of the Representative to argue & vote for that position in parliament. 

For those who like to dig into the details here is a diagram of how Policy & Representation network together .

To get voters engaged in community representation & policy development we will hold Policy Party Nights

And to allow for the voters to collaborate online to develop consensus on policies we will use VoteWrap

Until we put in place the above elements I can only offer my personal policy positions. How I would vote in parliament on any legislation would not be as I personally want but as directed by the voters.


Personal Policy Positions

Thor Prohaska, what is the main thing you will do to improve our democracy?

After due consideration & analysis I say that the reason our democracy is not working for the people is because there is no legal requirement for our elected representatives to do what the voters want. In the Constitution there is a separation of powers between the Executive ( The Government ) The Legislature ( Parliament ) and the Judiciary ( Courts & Police ). This has been done to prevent the government becoming a dictatorship. However, when the Constitution was written the political parties where not the threat to democracy that they are now. I believe that if our ancestors who wrote the Constitution had know how the parties would corrupt democracy they would have put a similar separation of powers between the voters whose right it is to form policy and the elected representatives who sole job it is to argue for what the voters want and when it comes time to vote that way in parliament.

In a democracy it's each voter's right  & responsibility to inform their elected representative of their Will. To make this possible there needs to be a means to determine what the majority in the electorate wants. Currently there is no effective means to do this. I say that with community policy networks using the VoteWrap web app this can now be done. VoteWrap uses the following:

  • Google Forms - Used by the voters to cast, update & finalise their vote.
  • Google Sheets - To collect the form responses, calculate voting position & chart display of overall results & publish to the web..
  • Zoom - To collaborate via on-line video  to reach  progress the policy using all means available.

The first policy I have VoteWraped is:

Make it LAW that elected representatives in the Australian Parliament must vote as directed by the majority of voters in their electorates.

Note: The functionality to allow Dickson voters to put forward a policy on-line is not yet implemented so new policies have to be entered manually.

Thor Prohaska, what is your stance on immigration?

 My personal stance is that the way immigration is being handled needs a serious change. There needs to be more focus on what is of benefit to the majority and less on what helps the corporations who donate to the political parties get cheap compliant labor. There also needs to be a much greater focus by the whole world on addressing the reasons people are fleeing their countries in the first place as that is the only long term solution to refugees. And the people who live in the communities where new comers are going to live should be part of the selection process of deciding who comes to their communities.

However, if I was the member for Dickson I'd have to go through the process of determining what the majority in Dickson want before voting in parliament.

Thor Prohaska, What is your stance on Qld base load coal fired power stations?

My personal stance on all coal fired base load power stations is that they should be phased out over their operational lifetime and replaced with renewable power sources providing baseload power with energy storages such as batteries and the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project in North Queensland. For those local economies that are impacted by the closing of power stations they need to be properly supported to transition to alternative sustainable industries. During this transition phase in states such as Queensland where there are state owned generators no more power stations should be privatised as the record shows that privatisation of any existing public utility, especially where it is a natural monopoly, has never been to the benefit of the users.

However, if I was the member for Dickson I'd have to go through the process of determining what the majority in Dickson want before voting in parliament.

Thor Pohaska, What is position your on bulk water charges. Over the last 10 years water has spiralled the same as power prices. Living in Dickson we have North Pine and Kurwongbah dams. The second was built by a private company and almost gifted to the old pine rivers council. 

  My personal position on the privatisation of our water supplies is that it should never happen. Water is a natural monopoly and a vital input into everybody's life. The outcome of water privatisation has only been higher prices to the end users.

How will you preference on your 'how to vote card'.

My personal position on How To Vote cards is that every voter should decide their own preferences as it is they who send their preferences not the candidate. Every time I have stood as an Independent I have run an Open Ticket where I say Vote 1 for me and I have left all the other candidates blank. The only exception to this is that if any candidate signs the same 'stat dec' I have, legally pledging to represent what the majority want, then I will preference them. Unless a miracle happens that will rule out all the candidates who belong to a political party as when they join their party they pledge their first allegiance to the party. I'm reluctant to declare who I will personally preference as it will then be taken as my How To Vote position which defeats the purpose of an open ticket. I can say I will be ordering my personal preferences by who is most likely to represent what the majority in the electorate want. See here for my How To Vote card.

What is your position on Guns.

My personal position on guns is that I support the current gun laws, especially the bit about military style semi-automatics. I grew up in a town were guns were common. Our household had two 303s & a shotgun where the guns & ammo were not locked up and I as a kid had access to them. Nobody in my home town when I was growing up was murdered by a gun. To think that it is only gun laws that prevent gun violence in my opinion is too simplistic. As important as it is to have effective gun laws it is equally or even more important to have a healthy society where people have the basics they need to be part of society and don't feel marginalised.

What is your position on Tax.

My personal position on tax is that the current tax system is dysfunctional, regressive and reduces real wealth creation. I support the tried and proven historical method of raising community revenue via land valuations. For more info on this see Prosper Australia's Policy. Historically all sides of politics have at one time or another supported this method. Examples are Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Walter Burley Griffin and Alfred Deakin. More recently John Howard & Price Waterhouse Coopers have supported this idea. However, the big landholders have always fought this tooth & nail. See Professor Mason Gaffney's book The Corruption of Economics.


What is your position on Jobs.

My personal position on jobs is that we should replace the welfare system ( for those people who are capable of working ) with the Australian Job Guarantee ( Note: The CofFEE website is being upgraded and this link should be working by the 19 April 2019 ). This is a tried and proven strategy developed by Professor Bill Mitchel from the Newcastle University's Centre of Full Employment & Equity . Overseas governments have taken this research and applied it in their countries but for some reason the Australian governments have refused to acknowledge the practical benefits of this strategy. I say it is madness to pay people to do nothing, or worse to make them chase their tails looking for jobs that aren't there and jump through unnecessary mutual obligation hoops. The simple fact is that if people work to create wealth there will be more to go around. And these jobs by creating more wealth help to pay for themselves. If it is good enough for the federal government to be the Lender of Last Resort to the private banks then i say it should be good enough for them to be the Employer of Last Resort.