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Dickson Reps

Do you want to be a Representative?

If you want to Represent your fellow voters in Dickson then you can start out by being a part time private representative  for your family & friends.

And if you like it you can progress to represent a wider circle of voters publicly. You can be a general rep and/or focus on representing specific policies of interest to you.

Finally you can throw your hat in the ring to be a candidate for election as the federal member for Dickson.

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* control of an organisation or group by the majority of its members.
* a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
* a state governed under a system of democracy.

Australia ISN'T a Democracy! IT'S an Elected Oligarchy run by the few for the few.

"The whole system of Parliament, and the SOLE reason for its existence, is to make laws for the people, with the clear Implication that those laws will reflect the WILL of the people on the subject matter of those laws"
Arthur A. Chresby,
Federal Member for Griffith (QLD) 1958 - 1961 & Research Analyst in Constitutional Law.

We ALL need a Voice To Parliament enshrined in the Constitution.
So make it Constitutional LAW that our elected reps vote as directed by the voters.

For a democracy to function there must be an effective way for the WILL of the people to be communicated to their elected representative so they know how to vote in parliament.

The current method of doing this is broken. Political parties do NOT represent the WILL of the voters as they are only a tiny minority of the voters. And even that tiny minority usually have little say as policy is controlled largely by the executive of the party, the donors and other powerful external players.

We need a better way to determine what the majority WILL is on each and every policy. To do this I say that we need to have a network of representation connecting all the voters in the electorate together. And to build trust and social capital by meeting together in the real world with regular events like Policy Party Nights.

It's impossible for one representative to represent the 100,000+ people in a federal electorate. But it is possible if there are many community representatives with proxy votes. It is every voter's right to represent their fellow voters without asking anybody's permission. So let's network together to find people who want to represent policies they are interested in. Or, just enjoy representing their family, friends & neighbours.

Just imagine if all the fragmented online & in person social conversations about policy & politics that goes on informally was pulled together with minimal extra effort into an overall position for the electorate. Then we'd have what we need to easily tell our elected representative of our Will.


To vote on Bills directly
To select a Representative to Vote on Bills for you
To become a Dickson Representative


Beasts & Gods

This is the MUST READ book to understand why there are NO DEMOCRACIES only OLIGARCHIES!

Do you want to vote on Bills?

If you are a Dickson voter you can vote on, or be involved with one or more Bills. And if you don't have the time to be involved directly then you can choose a Dickson Rep to look after your vote.

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