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Current Bills before the House of Representatives

Bills before Parliament are where the democratic rubber hits the road. All the noise and fury before and after a parliamentary vote mean very little compared to the actual vote where the Will of the people is meant to be turned into legislation and law. It's the right & responsibility of every voter to inform their elected representatives of their Will.

The Bills in this list are those that were before parliament at the end of 2019 and, the Federal Member for Dickson still has to vote on in the House of Representatives.
Any Bills that have passed the House of Reps are not in this list as the member for Dickson can no longer vote on them.

If a Bill has a VoteWrap page then the link in the column 'Bill - Short Title' will take you to that page.
If there is no VoteWrap page yet then the link will take you to the Bill details on the Australian Parliament website.

Click this Link for a Full List of All Bills before the Australian Federal Parliament

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